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Beyond Remote Work: How to Create Flexibility in Inflexible Workplaces

The future of work conversation is almost entirely focused on one topic: remote work. Elon wants everyone in the office. Twitter says people can work anywhere they want. Companies around the world have been debating how many in-office days is just the right amount for the past two years. Unfortunately, this conversation ignores the majority of the global workforce – people who don’t have the choice to work remotely. For them, “workplace flexibility” has an entirely different meaning.

Join Ben Eubanks (Chief Research Officer at Lighthouse Research & Advisors) and JD Dillon (Chief Learning Architect at Axonify) as they explore practical ways to create flexibility within traditionally inflexible workplaces. Ben and JD will dive into the latest research to uncover what employees in industries like retail, grocery, logistics, and manufacturing really want when it comes to right-fit work experiences. SPOILER – it has almost nothing to do with location!

In this 45 minutes session you will also learn:

  • The importance of flexibility at work beyond location
  • New data on how employees view flexibility at work