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"In My Shoes": Shifting the Mindset

What happens when what we’ve always done no longer works today? How to recognize that change in your leadership also means a change in your processes. Becoming a more diverse and inclusive workplace has become a priority for many companies, but what are the employees wanting today?

  • Leadership begins with self-leadership, so are you leading the life you love?
  • Making the shift involves change, understanding where to start matters.
  • What does the data say?

Join OpenSesame in an upcoming webinar where Lighthouse Research & Advisory’s Chief Culture Officer, George Rogers, suggests best practices when going about implementing change at all levels of the organization. He will also share new data on what employees want from employers in terms of diversity and inclusion efforts, allowing you the opportunity to gain an edge on competitors and attract diverse, highly-skilled employees. 

George Rogers | Chief Culture Officer, Lighthouse Research & Advisory

Serving as the Chief Culture Officer of Lighthouse Research and Advisory, George Rogers has found a passion to build leaders and help businesses create a great culture within their company through speaking and writing. He knows that once you invest in your team, the team will invest in the business. George brings a wealth of practical, hands-on experience in leadership roles, including serving as the Senior Director of Business Development with S3 Recycling Solutions, a technology recycling company based out of the Nashville, TN area in addition to other previous operational roles. Now that George has focused his life on investing and impacting others through the Culture of Good movement, his passion is to help leaders and businesses create a culture of good that allows their teams to bring their souls to the workplace with trust and vulnerability every day.